Monday, 6 February 2012

Meditation – One of the Five Principles of Yoga

When our bodies are tired and worn out we let them rest. Generally people rest by watching a movie, reading a book or taking a nap, but when you think about it our bodies may be resting but our minds are not. All day long our minds are processing information even in our sleep. Just like the rest of our body, the mind can become worn out and tired. A tired mind can affect you just like a tired body only people don’t tend to look at it that way.

Meditation is the act of resting the mind, turning off all your senses, letting go of the million things going on in your life and truly letting your mind rest. Meditation has a spiritual stigma attached to it, but in reality it is simply a personal treatment of the mind for any purpose you need. Some people meditate to focus on one thing going on in their life. Others use meditation to exercise the brain by entering a complete state of restlessness. Regardless of the personal experience people meditate because of the advantages.

The following are only a few of the advantages of meditation:

- Lower anxiety and stress levels
- Lowers cholesterol levels
- Improves headaches and migraines
- Enhances energy levels
- Increases blood flow
- Lower blood pressure
- Decreased insomnia 

A couple months ago, I went to my family doctor because I was experiencing harsh chest pains and trouble breathing. After multiple tests came back negative, my doctor sat down with me and recommended that I try meditating. He told me that I was too easily stressed out, and as a previous asthmatic I needed to relax and concentrate on deepening my breathing. Since then I have been experiencing the world of meditation. Anywhere from three minutes to a half hour a day, I take the time to relax my mind and focus on breathing. Within a couple of weeks I noticed my stress levels decrease, and over the previous months the number of chest pains I have experienced has significantly dropped. I have yet to find a constant form of meditation, but rather switch up my routine to suit my daily attitude and emotions. 

So why not try it? Give your brain a little rest and focus on whatever it is you personally need to focus on. Whether you listen to a song and let the meaning take you away or you silently let your mind become empty. Find the form of meditation that works for you and experience all the advantages that are just waiting for you. 

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  1. I am so happy that you're delving into the world of meditation! People don't realize how clouded their minds are until they try to clear them. It is so rewarding to achieve that stillness and silence. Keep it up!